House Guide

The owner's family thanks you for having decided to share our home. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do. In this guide we explain the basic instructions to take advantage of all the advantages that our villa offers. If you have questions during the course of your stay, do not hesitate to contact us.

Entrance / Exit

The house has an autonomous entry mechanism. Before your arrival you will receive the code that will allow you to access through the main door. Type the code and press the bottom button on the keyboard. You can use this same code as many times as necessary throughout your stay.

The door is programmed to close automatically when the upper leaf moves, while the lower leaf closes with a latch. To open the main door from the inside, you must press the button located on the lock mechanism.

The other doors that allow you to enter or leave the house have a key in their locks. When you leave the house, please make sure that all doors and windows are closed.

Before check-up:

  • Collect garbage from the kitchen and bathrooms, and ash from the barbecue and fireplace.
  • Make sure to close the butane bottle.
  • Pick up the tennis net, rackets and outside balls.
  • Collect the outdoor furniture that you have used.
  • Make sure to close both galleries and the doors to the kitchen, laundry and pool house, as well as windows that face the outside.
  • Close both leaves of the main door.

Living room and rooms

The house is available in its entirety, but there are some private rooms and closets, duly marked or closed, that are for the exclusive use of the owners. We ask you to respect them. Remember that smoking is prohibited both inside and outside.

Kitchen: The kitchen is fully equipped. The Whirlpool freezer has a cold tap water dispenser. For cooking, the house has a ceramic hob and a gas stove, the cylinder of which is located under the barbecue sink.

Barbecue: The barbecue is located in the gallery next to the kitchen. You have a grill, paella pan and a large stove. Charcoal is not provided. To turn on the light in the outdoor gazebo next to the barbecue, you will find the switches behind the wooden door that gives access to the barbecue.

Living room: In the living room you have several games in the closet next to the television. The chimney is closed to avoid smoke and soot (you will find more firewood on the other side of the sports court). The heating thermostat is located on the wall that separates the living room from the dining room. There are many radiators in the house so it heats up quickly and a temperature above 18ºC usually generates excessive heat in the upper rooms.

Bathroom: To use the hydromassage shower and the jacuzzi, you must turn on the switch on the wall behind the bathroom door. The instructions for use are in the shower itself. It is recommended to make responsible use of water consumption. Remember that pregnant people or people with cardiovascular problems should refrain from using the jacuzzi.

Pool, terrace and court

Pool: The pool is available from June to September. It has a maximum depth of 1.5 meters, so you must be careful when diving headfirst. The pool house is accessed using a key that you will find inside the house. In this hut are the pool utensils, sun loungers and pool umbrellas.

Terrace: The table, chairs and cushions for the terrace are located in the gallery next to the living room. It is advisable to collect umbrellas when they are not in use to prevent them from being damaged by the sun or wind.

Court: If you use the multisport court, you will find various rackets and balls in the chest next to the main door of the house.


The laundry area is located in the basement which is accessed through a metal exterior door along the path to the pool. You will find the key inside the house. You have a washing machine and iron.

We ask that you respect the objects you will find in the basement as they are for the exclusive use of the owners.

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